23 Jun 2021

Nordmann Kompakt: Local rather than global - raw materials from Europe

More and more consumers these days are paying attention to where the products they shop for come from. They know that regional products are significantly more climate-friendly, for example, due to shorter transport routes that involve less CO2 being released.  Consumers also check to see where and how goods are produced. Here is a look at some of the raw materials of European origin that we currently carry in the Nordmann portfolio for personal care.

Raw materials of European origin

Rapeseed is a rich and environmentally responsible source of functional lipids. Our partner AAK sources its rapeseed from GMO-free Swedish farms and utilizes special processing methods to ensure optimal quality and stability for its use in cosmetics applications. AAK’s Lipex PreAct™ in particular is especially rich in antioxidant tocopherols and anti-inflammatory phytosterols that not only soothe but also protect the skin.Vitamin A has proven to be very effective in a variety of skin care applications. Retinol, for example – the alcohol (OH) form of vitamin A – is seen as the gold-standard in the care of aging skin. It visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin firmness and smoothness and will also even out dark spots and age spots. Vitamin A palmitate is the ester form, and the most popular choice for anti-aging formulations because of its stability.

Plants that grow at high altitudes need to be able to protect themselves from extreme conditions such as high UV radiation and/or extreme temperatures and humidity. Using unique methods to extract a maximum amount of their active compounds, ingredients based on high-altitude plants – such as edelweiss extract ALPAFLOR® Edelweiss CB – can also be of benefit to human skin. This DSM product features antioxidants that support the skin’s own protective barrier and is also fully traceable, all the way back to seed.

REDIVINE is made from organically cultivated grapevines in the Castile region of La Mancha, Spain, which has been one of the most important wine regions in the world since the late 19th century. Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, the anti-pollution active ingredient stimulates the skin’s natural protective mechanisms. It also prevents inflammation and works against both collagenases and elastase.

Algomega NP® is an active ingredient based on Porphyra umbilicalis algae collected in Brittany from specially designated Natura 2000 areas. This is then combined with Nannochloropsis oculata, a microalgae cultivated under controlled conditions in photobioreactors. The resulting oil-soluble active ingredient is perfect for treating very dry, stressed and sensitive skin because it not only moisturizes but also offers effective protection for the skin barrier.

Sensomer™ CI-50 is a natural non-GMO polysaccharide derived from food-grade European potato starch.  It provides conditioning qualities to both hair and skin care products.

EMotion Light is a light ester that based on the creeping thistle. These are exceptionally hardy plants that can easily be grown in arid and marginal areas such as Italy, which makes their cultivation extremely sustainable and non-competitive with either food or feed crops. The ester leaves skin feeling soft and supple, and it also works well as a solvent for UV filters.

TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™ is derived from non-GMO European rapeseed. It not only acts as a preservative booster, but also as a moisturizer, solvent and active ingredient carrier. The multifunctional and microbiome-friendly raw material can also be used to improve the sensory properties of various formulations.

Nordmann Kompakt European Source & Up Cycling

Nordmann Kompakt: European Source & Up Cycling

We take a closer look at the issue of sustainability. Join us as we showcase a variety of raw materials that are from Europe, have been upcycled or can be considered sustainable in some other way. More information on European Source & Up Cycling can be found here (login required):

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