31 Aug 2022

Nordmann Kompakt: Deo AP

Body odor is caused by the breakdown of bacteria in human sweat.

Deodorants essentially serve to mask or eliminate these odors.

Antiperspirants fight odor by getting to the root cause: sweat. They temporarily block pores at their surface to inhibit perspiration and prevent body odor.

There are three main types:

  • Aerosol/spray
    • Anhydrous powder-in-oil suspensions that are dry and non-sticky when applied
    • Popular among consumers worldwide for being quick, clean and easy to apply
  • Roll-on
    • Cost-effective aqueous formulations that are easier to manufacture than sticks or sprays
    • Can be made in a variety of forms and work well with all liquid antiperspirant actives (i.e. aluminum and aluminum/zirconium actives)
  • Stick
    • Complex gel formulations with powdered actives and aesthetic modifiers suspended in an emollient-oil carrier
    • Typically feature high-potency aluminum/zirconium actives to optimize appearance and efficacy, as well as fluids with a high refractive index in order to minimize white residue on skin and clothing

We are showcasing highly effective aluminum chlorohydrate-based active ingredients for antiperspirants in this issue of Nordmann Kompakt, as well as other alternative and natural active ingredients for deodorant formulations.

Nordmann Kompakt: Summer Skin Care

Nordmann Kompakt: Deo AP

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