4 Jul 2022

Nordmann Kompakt: Color-Infused Skin Care

In this new Nordmann Kompakt presentation, we look at what the term “color-infused” means and show you how to add color to your cosmetic and personal care formulations. We also introduce you to raw materials that can improve skin tone in hybrid skincare/makeup products.

Emollients or active ingredients are not always white and can cause unwanted discoloration in personal care and cosmetic formulations; in these situations, it helps to color formulations to fit the product’s marketing concept. Come join us as we show you the right kind of dyes and pigments that can be used for this, and to see alternatives to the once-popular but now controversial titanium dioxide. These include some new products from Nordmann partner Minasolve that are based on microfibrillated cellulose and which work naturally to provide emulsions with a whiter appearance.

Nordmann's Apero Fitz Hand Cream with aperitif
Using the Apero Fitz hand cream as an example, it is shown how a formulation can be colored to match the marketing concept and thereby look and smell like the matching aperitif.

Hybrid Products

Another category of color-infused skin care items are the so-called hybrid products that all started with BB creams, developed in 1967 by German dermatologist Christine Schrammek. Starting in 1985, these became a huge success on the Asian market and then made it big on the German market in 2011. BB stands for “blemish or beauty balm” and refers to combined daytime skin care and makeup formulations, many of which also feature sunscreen. The trend evolved and expanded quickly to include CC, DD and EE creams as well. CC creams are formulations that provide additional color correction and often vitamin C support, while DD stands for “dynamic do-all” or “daily defense” – referring to formulations that pack in even more active ingredients than BB or CC creams and therefore serve as all-in-one products. EE creams are a little less common and more specialized, offering additional exfoliating effects (EE = extra exfoliation).

In this presentation, our team will showcase a selection of raw materials that can be used to support products like these – including natural pigment dispersions and pigments that can be easily incorporated into tinted day creams without the need for any special equipment. Emollients with good dispersing properties and active ingredients that round off your formulations will also be a focus.

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Nordmann Kompakt: Color-Infused Skin Care

Nordmann Kompakt: Color-Infused Skin Care

Get the full presentation  (in German) here and discover more ingredients that are not disruptive to the skin's microbiome.

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