9 Nov 2022

Minimizing pores: the new anti-aging trend?

300,000 pores in our face ensure that the skin breathes, sweats and releases sebum. With age, the elasticity of the skin decreases and the pores become larger. Wrinkles and fine lines appear; the skin becomes rougher and can look tired. The trend to use photo filters is decreasing and the desire for naturalness is growing. Both active ingredients and soft focus additives can help you feel good in and with your skin even without photo filters and follow the #nofilter trend.

We present various active ingredients that address the issue of pore minimization. Exsymol's new silanol ADENOSILANE offers a real anti-aging solution to tighten and revitalise pores from the inside out.  BEAUACTIVE® by DSM visibly reduces the appearance of noticeable pores as well as the appearance of age spots, making the skin look younger. The natural algae active ingredient SEBOCEA by Gelyma normalises sebum production and thus ensures visibly reduced pores.

In addition to the active ingredients, soft focus ingredients can also visually support the pore-minimizing effect. They ensure a more even skin texture and can additionally absorb sebum and improve the sensory properties of the formulation.

Forum for Innovation SEPAWA 2022  : Presentation on "Minimising pores" 
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