31 May 2022

Commitment to a better future

Sustainability is a common thread that runs through everything that Nordmann partner DSM does – and has been doing for years.

The power of nature

In addition to the focus on environmental protection, the role of natural products has also been growing in importance over the years. DSM has responded to the increasing level consumer demand for these and today offers a broad and diversified portfolio that features raw materials such as the PENTAVITIN®, Pepha® Tight CB , Pepha® CTIVE CB , or ALPAFLOR® products, which all come from natural sources. 

Product portfolio: Plant-based raw materials

These are safe and well-known ingredients that have also been used topically for centuries. Rice, soy and wheat germ each yield beneficial natural proteins and/or natural peptides.

It is a unique combination of purified microalgae active components and a high-performing polysaccharide. The naturals skincare ingredient is combining short- and long-term efficacy with real benefits. It has a highly controlled fermentation technology in photobioreactors for reliability and optimized composition.

PEPHA®-CTIVE CB is a halal certified biotech ingredient produced from microalgae Dunaliella salina, which is known to survive in the extreme environment of salt lakes. Thanks to its composition rich in amino acids, minerals, and carbohydrates, PEPHA®-CTIVE CB protects and stimulates mitochondria by increasing ATP levels. The skin is reloaded with new energy and its radiance is improved. PEPHA®-CTIVE CB is a clear, yellowish liquid.

A 100% plant-based active ingredient derived from maize kernels, PENTAVITIN® brings tired and dry skin back to life with immediate deep-moisturizing effects that last up to 72 hours. Using a concentration of only 1%, skin appears more hydrated after just 3 hours and is visibly rejuvenated after 28 days. 

Product portfolio: Herbs

DSM’s herbal extracts deliver highly effective organic bio-actives cultivated at high altitude in the Swiss mountains.

Made from a carefully selected variety of edelweiss flowers, ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS CB features a high concentration of active ingredients such as leontopodic acid. The product delivers antioxidative and DNA-protective effects while providing support for the skin’s protective barrier, shielding it from external influences.

This is an organic solution based on the extracts of seven different alpine herbs. It lightens the skin in a natural way.

ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA CB is a sustainable plant extract from aerial part of an unique alpine species Scutellaria Alpina (Alpine skullcap). Thanks to its strong antioxidant properties, ALPAFLOR®SCUTELLARIA CB captures free radicals helps to reduce skin inflammation by acting on GABAb (gamma-butyric acid b) receptors and by stimulation of the beta-endorphin release. The effect is a stronger, healthier skin barrier with reduced pain and burning sensations.

Transparency and traceability

In order to report openly to customers about the sustainability of its products, DSM works with independent organizations such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Ecovadis and SEDEX. In conjunction with external evaluations, the company has also introduced initiatives such as the “DSM House of Naturals” or “DSM Imp’ACT Card™”. These tools make it possible to measure the current eco-footprint of DSM’s ingredients against specific criteria and to pass this information on to customers.

In the long term, DSM aims to offer complete transparency and traceability across all of its supply chains.

DSM’s sustainability goals

Full steam ahead toward a sustainable future: the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) have come to serve as an important guide for the Dutch chemical group DSM. Focusing on its strengths as a company – expertise in the field of health, nutrition and performance materials – DSM has identified certain objectives from the UN list that it could have a real positive impact on. In addition to climate-related action, for example, as well as sustainable consumption, green manufacturing processes and access to clean energy for all, the company has set the following targets: end hunger, ensure healthy lives for people of all ages and promote their overall well-being.

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