27 Mar 2023

Sustainable, sunflower-like radiance: Conditioner Bar from Nordmann

Sustainability is an issue of increasing importance in the cosmetics industry, made clear by the wide range of anhydrous and solid products now available for skin and hair care.

Nordmann Lab has developed a new water-free formulation that will be demonstrated live at the 2023 in-cosmetics® global’s Formulation Lab®. What makes the formulation so compelling is its solid form and sustainable ingredients.

The new product combines traceable, European, anhydrous and sustainably produced raw materials.

The fact that the Conditioner Bar does not utilize any water at all makes it very different from conventional conditioners, which usually contain around 70% water. Like other solid formulations from Nordmann, the Nordmann Lab’s Conditioner Bar features mostly fats, waxes and oils. This also protects the environment because water is a valuable resource that must be conserved.

The solid formulation is rounded off perfectly with a fresh, sunny fragrance, providing hair with the kind of care you can see and feel – and all while improving both wet and dry combability.

Sustainability knows no boundaries

Fully traceable shea butter is what gives the new Conditioner Bar its creamy texture and moisturizing effects (LIPEX® SheaSoft TR™ from AAK). The formulation also features Lubrizol’s sustainable AlgaPūr™ HSHO Algae Oil – an ingredient obtained with the help of microalgae – as an emollient. A sustainable sunflower-based hair conditioning agent (STEPANQUAT® Soleil by Stepan) provides the hair with wonderful combability, and it is protected and reinforced with AAK’s Lipex PreAct™, a sustainable vegetable oil extracted from European rapeseed. This bioactive emollient is naturally rich in tocopherols and phytosterols.

Finally, the Conditioner Bar contains SilSense™ Bio 5 from Lubrizol, a natural silicone alternative that is also a biodegradable, ultra-pure and volatile emollient.

Visitors will find Nordmann at in-cosmetics® global in Barcelona from March 28 to 30 at Booth Z91.


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